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TEE Calendar

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Technology and Engineering Education

Summer Workshops for TEE Teachers:

3D Literacy  June 4, 2018

The Level I 3D Literacy Activity workshop is designed to introduce the 3D Literacy® concept while utilizing
open source technologies through various hands-on activities. Teachers will be presented with the challenge
of designing and building a model traffic light. They will perform different activities in each element of 3D
Literacy® (3D Printing, 3D CAD Design, and 3D Programming) to ultimately design, manufacture, assemble,
and program their own traffic light. Throughout the training session, participants will gain experience
utilizing 3D CAD Design software, 3D printing operations, electrical circuit design, and 3D programming
with a small microcontroller and the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE). 

Contact Rob Martin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and to register. 


Geometry in Construction      July 23-26, 2018

Solve the problem of struggling math students by implementing a proven program!
Contextualizing Math and Career and Technical
✓Implement an innovative approach to math instruction with proven success at closing the achievement gap in
mathematics education
✓Strategically integrate math concepts into technology laboratory instruction and boost rigor in CTE
✓Bring real-world relevance to math by engaging students in hands-on challenges which apply the geometry
concepts they are learning (aligned with Common Core Mathematical Practices)
✓Provide to students the opportunity to explore design, architecture, construction, and introductory building
trades skills, thereby opening the potential to pursue STEM and CTE graduation diploma pathways
✓Get the full curriculum - activities, assessments, student problem banks, unit planners - Common Core aligned
✓Receive ongoing coaching and support activities that can be adapted for middle and high school instruction

To promote interdisciplinary Collaboration it is suggested that teachers attend as a team consisting of a math and CTE teacher from the same school

July 23 - 26, 2018
7:30 AM - 4:30 PM Breakfast and Lunch will be provided
Space is limited, registration closes on June 1, 2018
To register:

Illinois State University - Turner Hall
700 West College Avenue, Normal, IL 61790

Cost: $100 registration fee for Illinois Teachers ($1,695.00 value paid for by the Innovative Curriculum and Resource Project)
Optional Graduate Credit available through Colorado State University for approximately $75 per credit hour. 


Legendary Project Series: RC Boats        August 6-9, 2018

Technology and Engineering teachers are famous for cool projects. We all have our favorites. These projects are engaging and fun, but most importantly, they are a great way to teach vital content and skills. These are the Legendary Projects. Add “Race Boats” to your list of cool projects. We will be designing, building, and testing radio-controlled model race boats powered by weed trimmer motors. Yes, they will be fast!!!!

As an integral part of the workshop, we will explore how this project can be enhanced to address multiple academic standards in STEM fields and how it can be expanded for increased collaboration within and outside of the school.

The total cost of this experience will be paid by the Innovative CTE Curriculum Project. There is a $100 registration fee, however, to cover the noon meals and snacks. Housing and travel will
be the responsibility of the teacher/school.

August 6 to 9, 2018 On-campus in Turner Hall @ Illinois State University 8am to 3pm

Contact Dr. Brad Christensen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.



The CTE DIVISION at the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), has worked to provide resources for educators and student teachers through the innovative curriculum project). All resources are deposited at the www.Ilcte.Org site for easy access to cte curriculum material. The mission of this web site resource is for enhancement and instructional program improvement in career and technical education (cte) programs, throughout illinois, by aligning lessons with the common core state standards (ccss) - il. Learning standards, workplace skills, and occupational skills standards.

The purpose is to distribute lesson plans that address common core state standards for mathematics, english/language arts, science, social studies, etc., including power-point sets, sample test items and assessments, as well as other reference materials to illinois educators. The goal is to assist teachers throughout illinois, in their efforts with students, to develop career readiness skills and a foundation for post-secondary education.

We welcome input from you as  teachers in the field in the form of comments and suggestions, as well  materials that you are willing to share.  contact the Technology & Engineerting facilitator, Dr. Brad Christensen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..