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Web/Mobile App Coding SGI--July 30, 2018 Highlights

Structured Group Interview (SGI)/Teacher Steering Committee (TSC)

Coding for Web/Mobile App Development

July 30, 2018


Great appreciation goes to Aligatortek, 8th Light, and 146th Street for sharing their expert developers at the July 30 Structured Group Interview, Coding for Web/Mobile App Development. This small group of experts rendered industry-based topics and subtopics which will be made into a curriculum for Illinois high school CTE teachers.

Thank you to Ahmar Arshi, Sarah Sunday, and Andrew Harris for donating their time and energy to this project! The lively discussion delivered important insights for future curriculum.

In addition to the developer professionals' contributions, several tech-savvy Business Education Instructors from around the state of Illinois participated on the Teacher Steering Committee. With the information gained from the developers, this teacher committee created a number of new lesson titles with learning objectives and suggested "real world" activities for curriculum which will ultimately be published at for Illinois CTE high school instructors.


Andrew Harris, Owner, 146th Street, Ltd. & Sr. Lecturer--IU/PUI
Ahmar Arshi, Director of Software Development, Aligatortek 
Sarah Sunday, Associate Director of Managed Software Services, 8th Light



Web/Mobile App Developers from the Chicago and Indianapolis areas volunteered their time and expertise to share information regarding the skills and knowledge required for their careers. With this information, curricular topics and subtopics were derived.


Jennifer Williams, North Mac High School; Kevin Holben, Richards High School; Gail Turner, Newton Community High School; Jamal Maatuka, Champaign Central High School

Business Education Instructors formed the Teacher Steering Committee for Coding for Web/Mobile App Development Structured Group Interview. They took the results of the SGI panel of experts and created lesson plan titles with learning objectives as lesson plan framework for future lesson writers on those topics.