As of July 1, the ILCTE Project has come to a conclusion. 
For questions regarding ILCTE, please contact the Illinois State Board of Education




ILCTE has created three Career and Technical Education virtual bookshelfs containing (a) Face-to-Face lessons, (b) Converted Face-to-Face lessons for remote/online learning, and (c) Remote/online lessons that stemmed from June 2020 professional teaching and learning and were shared with ILCTE.

Our goal for each of our lesson libraries is to never be satisfied/never finished; the lesson library will never be static or finished. As you plan your curriculum, please check back regularly for new versions of each existing lesson, as well as newly developed lessons.

Because we never want static lessons, we have included a feedback mechanism (see last page) in each lesson where you can offer your suggestions on how to improve each lesson.

Note: Because of the Coronavirus and the shutdown that transpired, the work that you are viewing represents January and June 2020; no additional work was permitted with Illinois teachers February through May. Each lesson was developed by Illinois teachers and/or Illinois career counselors. We believe that you will find these lessons to be effective and ready to implement within your school.