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Highlights from 2018 Coding Boot Camps

Highlights from 2018 Summer Coding Boot Camps 

Provided accelerated instruction in software development for in-service business teachers. Instruction will be offered in 2 three-day blocks. The first block had no prerequisites and took teachers to basic web applications that can also be re-purposed as multi-platform phone and tablet apps. The second block expected knowledge of web applications and went into a data-centric view of applications that can run on a web server.

Both courses were highly interactive with instruction followed by hands-on development time. 

Beginning Coding Boot Camp I -- Professor Andy Harris

Topics Included: Tools & Environments; Essential HTMLs; Adding Style with CSS; Using CSS for Layout; Intro to Programming with JavaScript; Coding Like a Pro; Going from Web to Mobile

Advanced Coding Boot Camp I -- Professor Andy Harris

Topics Included: Getting Started with Python; Working with Basic Data; Branching and Looping; Using Functions in Python; Basic Databases; Integrating a database in Python; Building Service Applications with Bottle; Creating interactive Server Apps (When time permitted--Bonus topics were taught.)