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The only thing more tragic than death from bleeding….


The “Stop the Bleed” campaign was initiated by a federal interagency workgroup convened by the National Security Council Staff and The White House. The purpose of the campaign is to build a national resilience by better preparing the public to save lives by raising awareness of basic actions to stop life threatening bleeding following everyday emergencies and man-made and natural disasters. Advances made by military medicine and research into hemorrhage control during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have informed the work of this initiative which exemplifies translation of knowledge back to the homeland to the benefit of the general public. “Stop the Bleed” is a registered service mark of the Department of Defense.

Use of the equipment and the training does not guarantee that all bleeding will be stopped or that all lives will be saved.

©2017 American College of Surgeons

Qualifications for Trainers:

  • Complete Basic “Stop the Bleed” Workshop.
  • EMT / 1st responders / Paramedics.
  • RNs & Nurse Practitioners.
  • Physician Assistants.
  • Physician / Surgeon.
  • Register qualifications on to become recognized as an approved trainer.

Professional Development Basic Training Session

  • Training workshop sessions are 1 – ½ hours with hands on practical experience with tourniquets, pressure application & packing various size & depth wounds.
  • Trainer(s) can train 8 participants per trainer / per session.
  • All necessary supplies and booklet provided for the training.
  • Certificate after successful completion of the basic workshop.
  • Trainer able to provide 3-4 session per school day.

Expected Outcomes with training session

Participants will:

  • Understand that uncontrolled bleeding is the number one cause of PREVENTABLE death from trauma.
  • Learn ABCs of Bleeding (alert 911, find the bleeding and apply compress - pressure)
  • Responders learn how to protect themselves from blood-borne infections.
  • Be able to identify “life threatening” bleeding emergencies.
  • Be aware of their personal safety & victim’s safety.
  • Learn how to correctly apply direct pressure, pack various size & depth wounds, correctly apply tourniquet.

For more information about scheduling a FREE “Stop the Bleed” professional development contact:
Nance Budde RN: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.